— Wado Masters #23 —

friday 3 june & saturday 4 june

Discover wado's deepest secrets with sakagami & aJ sensei

—beyond "twist your hip" and "parry his attack"


Wadokai Gorinchem Dojo
Schuttersplein 17a
4205PG Gorinchem


— Friday 3 June 2022 
— 18.45 - 21.15 hrs

👉 Rohai and shoulder blade skills. Plus how that applies to pairwork like Kihon Kumite, Kumite Gata and other awesome techniques.


— Saturday 4 June 2022
— 10.30 - 14.30 hrs

👉 Bassai and axis rotation. Including Taisabaki and other pure Wado Kumite techniques that define our beautiful and effective art.


This seminar is conducted in English. We record the whole thing, and you can get lifetime access to AJ's instruction.

🎁  There's a free gift waiting for you too. Scroll down to find out.

You walk away not only inspired and happy, but confident: after Wado Masters #23 you have the tools to drastically improve your skill and nail your next grading 👊




Simply enjoy the knowledge and skill of Sakagami sensei, one of the last remaining Japanse instructors that received personal instruction from Ohtsuka sensei.

FREE DOWNLOAD:  "Last of the Titans"
— Sakagami's journey from Japan to the UK

  • Student of Suzuki & Ohtsuka sensei
  • Founder of Aiwakai (WAKF)
  • 1st Kyu Examinar for JKF-Wadokai
  • 1st Kyu Instructor for JKF-Wadokai
  • Technical Advisor for FEW Federation European Wadokai

OK. Enough of the official stuff.

Check this picture 👇

Nothing special, it's always like that. Pose: Click. Done.

Now this one 🔥

Just in case: this is NOT a pose.

AJ had the honor to PRACTISE WITH Sakagami sensei. Like a student, he "lined up" at Yokoyama Kancho seminar. 

Crazy right?

Unique. That's for sure.

But more importantly: it says something about him. Who he is and how he teaches.

I've trained with Sakagami sensei so I know how good he is. AJ's emails and videos reinforce that for me.


4th Dan, Wadokai England

Sakagami creates a relaxed atmosphere. Not only through the way he explains, but also how he interact with students. You can expect Sakagami to ask you questions and keep on your toes to enthusiastically find the right answer... or at least think about the what, why and how.

And it's the other way around as well.

He welcomes questions, which makes you feel right at home — even if you join us for the first time.

Sakagami is not rigid in his thinking like: 

"I learned it like this in the 70's, so I'll stick to that way" Or... "My instructor said so, and I'm not gonna change it"

That's the opposite of Sakagami sensei's eager-to-learn attitude. He's always analysing, testing. Looking for better ways. 

One way of testing is his famous: which-one-you-think method.

Sakagami shows you 2 versions and let you pick the better one. Naturally, he explains the reason behind the better way as well. This one for example, about Kihon Kumite 2.

Should you twist this, or that way?

The Bo training picture is taken during one of Yokoyama Kancho's seminars, where Sakagami Sensei was listening to the instruction. Carefully.

He even ASKED QUESTIONS to find out whether he understood correctly. And how to better his performance...

That's why it's one of AJ's favorite pictures: it shows you who Sakagami Sensei is.

After Ishikawa passed away in august 2008, AJ continued his journey with Sakagami. Now, years of dedicated training, study and research later, AJ has the honor of teaching along side Sakagami sensei. 

So without further ado...


AJ is well known for his "brutally clear explanations" and "putting hard concepts in simple words". His fundamental understanding of principles and biomechanics lead to out-of-the-box applications — stuff you never thought about.

  • Student of Ishikawa, Sakagami & Yokoyama sensei
  • Founder of The Digi Dojo
  • Chief Instructor Wadokai Holland
  • Chief Instructor Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe
  • General Secretary FEW Federation European Wadokai

AJ is dedicated to Martial Arts since 1996. He studied tirelessly under and taught alongside Ishikawa, Nukina, Sakagami, May and Yokoyama sensei — among the best in Wadokai Karate and Okinawan Kobudo. 

AJ shows May, Sakagami and Yokoyama sensei around is his almost-finished new house, with on the top floor: his private Dojo.

Thanks to them, he published several books such as Wado No Michi, Kata Applications & Analysis and The Wadokai Special.

AJ also scripted, directed and shot THOUSANDS of videos.

Shooting for the 2-disc DVD "Wadokai Karate Curriculum" that eventually transformed into The Digi Dojo.

Shooting for the 2-disc DVD "Wadokai Karate Curriculum" that eventually transformed into The Digi Dojo.

Photoshoot for Yokoyama Kancho's "Principles of Karate".

Projects like these allowed AJ to work closely together with top instructors that taught him a lot along the way.

Thanks to The Digi Dojo, his position as General Secretary of FEW and Chief Instructor for Wadokai Holland and Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe, he's in the unique position to share this knowlegde with you directly. 

AJ assists Yokoyama Kancho for his DVD publication in Tokyo - Japan (2017)

AJ guides senior instructors throughout Europe in person through Seminars, Private training, Whatsapp Coaching, Private Zoom Classes and Live Online Masterclasses.

Using effective keypoint-based explanations and tailored training methods, his students manage to get to the next level and improve techniques they had been working on for decades.

In his spare time, he's a school teacher. His teaching skills combined with his character seeking continuous improvement and the need for understanding deeply, make his teaching invaluable.

Join Sakagami's wisdom and AJ's drive and you'll know why their combined skillset makes their seminar absolutely awesome.

at wado masters #23 you discover...

—Secrets of Rohai and Bassai. To start.

about kihon first:


That's right: No zombie karate at our seminar.

Don't get me wrong, it's important to do mindless drone type training with full speed and power — you have to do the repetitions.


This is a seminar: You want to walk away with new insights. Empowered to practise effectively after the seminar.

That's why at Wado Masters you NEVER do a technique without highlighting a specific thing:

👉 Keep your elbow in.

👉 Pull your shoulder back.

👉 Open your back leg sharply.

That way, your brain goes from foggy to focussed with key points that directly affect your techniques. You confidently tinker away when you're back in the Dojo 🔨 

And by the way... It's not said we necessarily stick to official basics only:

You'll enjoy a combo of formal techniques and specialised methods that become your new favorite Karate shortcut (works if you're a kyu-grader, not super-talented, or lack time too).

Thanks to the key points that emerge from fundamentals: Kihon, Kata and Kumite are connected. You discover 1 thing that you can apply to everything. 

Not isolated to Gyakuzuki. Not limited to just learning "number 4".

Say we're focussing on the shoulder. During Gyakuzuki, we emphasise how to use it effectively.

You discover key points that zoom in on shoulderblade skills. On top: you get tailored methods that allow you to hardwire correct technique faster than you can say Hajime.


❌ You can figure stuff out by yourself.
❌ You can go on Youtube and copy-paste what you see...

...or learn it directly from instructors with clear lineages to the founders:

✅ Ohtsuka/ Suzuki  >> Sakagami
✅ Ohtsuka >> Sakagami/Ishikawa >> AJ

In other words:

Enjoy Wado Masters and shortcut your learning curve: You get knowledge and skills that take ages to find out by yourself.

After the seminar, you'll know how to apply fundamentals and principles to all movement 🔥 

What basics we'll cover? That depends on who attend the seminar. What's for sure is that you get to study Rohai and Bassai.


AJ: "rohai is an excellent kata, especially for..."

You'll love Rohai after joining Wado Masters #23. How we know? Well...

We asked AJ what makes studying Rohai at Wado Masters different from other seminars. Here's what he said:

"In Wado, Kata doesn't have the same function as it does in most other styles. Although the term may be used to describe application, officially Wado Kata doesn't have Bunkai. 

For us,  there's one thing that matters most. One.

TANREN: To forge.

Now look at Rohai. The arm and leg movement and the stances are pretty much covered inside other Kata like Pinan Nidan, Shodan and Naihanchi.

You don't benefit from this Kata as a form much...

The magic happens when you realise how Rohai's movement creates opportunity to develop a certain skillset.

You need to have secrets revealed right in front of your eyes, so you can see how to practise elements like compression, expansion, internal muscle loading and more high level stuff.

It may seem out of reach, but it's not. We know this starts with shoulderblade control and how to emphasise that through tailored methods and rhythm training. 

That's why Rohai is an excellent Kata, especially for shoulder blade movement.

The techniques from Rohai make life so much easier — like bowling with a ramp and bumpers: with the right instruction, you can't go wrong.

By the way — Naihanchi is typical Tanren Gata, but when it comes to shoulder blade focus and development...

Rohai wins. Hands down 🙌 

But that's not the only thing. 

What would it mean if you know how to use Rohai to develop your shoulder blade skill...

...plus discover how to apply that same skill to other movement?


...is connected to your punches

...is connected to your 'blocks'

...to your movement

To everything.

And because you'll discover the fundamentals, it doesn't matter if you're in Wadoryu, Wadokai, WIKF... or even in Wado for that matter.

Used well, Rohai's shoulderblade skill can affect your Karate tremendously. 

This goes for Bassai too... but what that's all about, you'll see at Wado Masters 😎

we call it wado masters for a reason



we're not looking to tweak your form

We always look at HOW to use your body. If you timing is OK. You learn how and why, so that you can improve your Karate without having to worry that we may do things differently than you're used to.

You're in the game for decades. We understand that. We respect that. How?

Watch how Sakagami Sensei attacks the ribs with Nakadaka Ipponken. Imagine you're used to attacking the armpit, then the LEAST important we tell you is that you're supposed to attack the ribs... 

👍 We look how your stance contributes to your power output.

👍 We look at the height of your arm, and if it matches your stance.

👍 How your movement is harmonised.

You enter realms that unlock skill levels you've dreamed about ever since you started your journey.

Instead of learning form and superficial stuff that make you confused (and frankly keeps you going in circles for years)... 

...you discover fundamentals & principles you can apply to any movement — skyrocketing your skills 🚀 

Having a hard time to believe it?

here's what people say about our seminars



Informational, awakening and highly motivating

Fabio Luisa - 1st Kyū, Italy

AJ and Sakagami sensei’s teaching is really involving, encouraging you to ask questions and the atmosphere is really nice.

Both instructors are extremely competent and skilled. They give clear explanations and plenty of valuable insights, providing me with the tools to improve.

I’m excited to share what I learned with my Sensei and Kohai and because of this seminar, I set my goals higher.

From now on for example, I'm working on the shoulder blade movement and the awareness of Seichusen following the advices and methods taught by AJ.


I'm confident I can make my Junzuki stronger

Jos - Wadokai Holland

When AJ sensei said he would cover Junzuki at the Wado Masters Course, I hoped to get new insights on how to perform a powerful Junzuki. I like how AJ breaks down the complete movement and highlights details of the movement, to then turn that into specific focus points and taylor-made excercises. Thanks to that, it’s now easier to put my body weight in my punch. I not only found out how to do that, but also how to pay attention to several key issues using specific exercises. They work great, so I'm confident I can make my Junzuki stronger. Looking back, without those focused exercises I wouldn’t not know where to start.


The Perfect Seminar

Dave Shephard - 5th Dan - Spain

Great teaching! Not only does AJ know his subject, his passion shines through and his teaching ability is obvious for all to see. Put the knowledge, passion and teaching together and you have the perfect Wado seminar.


I take away specific tasks that I now include in my practice

Chris Whittam - 3rd Dan

It is clear AJ knows what he is talking about!

I was highly impressed with the technical content of both the techniques and his way of teaching. AJ guides and explaines in general as well as on a personal level - looking specifically for what I need.

That allows me to focus on how and what to move so that I can work on my own abilities.

His seminars give me loads of ideas and suggestions and I take away specific tasks that I now include in my practice.

All in all I have to say that AJ’s seminar is time well spent.


You get cues and clues that make the difference

Albert Bouma - 2nd Dan

What you learn here will really take your Wado to a higher level.

I get deeper insights that I have never heard anywhere else.

Time is not just filled with exercises... Instead, you get clues that make the difference.

Every time they explain a number of other fascinating facets of the Wado.


The Aston Martin of Karate teaching.....

Neil Bennett - 1st Dan

I really enjoyed myself by receiving quality instruction balanced with patients and belief.

At no time I felt criticised. In fact, I always felt confident that every element was improving my standards as a student of Wado.

There was so much content to take away from the seminar, especially because their words hit home fast encouraging progression, confidence and self belief.

Even if they teach a form different than you're used to, the way how they explain just makes sense. It's logic, and easy to understand and execute.


After AJ's seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch

Andy Ardelean - 4th Dan

AJ sensei always knows exactly what I need to focus on to take my karate to the next level.

He is the only instructor I know who focuses on key points rather than just form. That’s why you gain a lot of practical insights as well as theoretical knowledge, making each of his seminars a unique experience.

AJ sensei’s teaching method and demonstrations are also clear and logical.

After his seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch.


I want to join again

Andreas Boger - Wadokai Germany

I really liked you don’t just do techniques on AJ sensei’s count and get general phrases like “better your hip movement” or so (which I see at other seminars).

AJ teaches key points, watches your techniques and then he advances on those key points interactive.

I would like to join again a seminar with AJ and his crew, not only for the results, but also to just talk again with all of them. They didn´t play a role, they were authentic.


I discover something new every time

Eco Kleefstra - 3rd Dan

With Sakagami, May & AJ sensei you really dig into the core of Wado.

For some course you have to make time and this is one of them: I discover something new every time.

What makes it even better is the particularly accessible atmosphere.

get your ticket in time to secure your special bonus 🎁

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anticipating on a seminar was never this much fun 🤩 

You don't want high-level instruction just learn the sequence or a few common error fixes at best. That's why AJ shot brand new follow along videos on both Rohai and Bassai, so you enjoy preparing for the seminar in a way that not only gets you pumped:

Knowing the standardised correct techniques already, means you can go beyond at the seminar — empowered and ready to discover the deep stuff.

👉 When you get your Ticket to Wado Masters #23, the system automatically adds the Bassai & Rohai Walkthrough Videos to your members area.


—you can cancel up to one day before the event and get your money back

Maybe you want to pay at the door. Or you're afraid your schedule will change. We get it.

You can't get your ticket at the door, only in presale. That's why we offer you an unconditional money back guarantee 👍

No matter the reason: even if can't come because you have to walk your dog. 

You can cancel your reservation and get your money back until one day before the event.

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Simple, fast and effective flexible move

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Simple, fast and effective flexible move

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Simple, fast and effective flexible move

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David Shephard
- 5th Dan

He explains reasoning behind the execution and delivery as well
AJ not only gives step by step instructions to Wado, but also the reasoning behind the execution and delivery as well as the correct mental attitude required for the techniques of Wado Ryu.
Peter May
- 7th Dan

AJ is always probing into the deeper learnings of Wado

A.J.’s thirst for knowledge was apparent even in his younger years, always questioning, always probing into the deeper learnings of Wado. He has painlessly researched and cross referenced differences within the three main styles of Wado.
Nukina Nobuyuki
- 5th Dan

AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess
Through many gasshuku, practices, conversations, e-mails and chats, he has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. His work will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate.

here's what you get

✅ 1 Ticket to Wado Masters #23
✅ Rohai Walkthrough Video (10:57 min)
✅ Bassai Walkthrough Video (17:31 min)


FRIDAY: 30 euro
SATURDAY: 35 euro (closed)
2 DAYS: 60 euro (closed)

select Friday / Saturday after you click the button

do you still have questions?

—Contact AJ at [info @ the-digi-dojo . com] if your answer is not here 👇

here's a list of most common questions

Q — I don't have a black belt, can I join?
A — If you don't join, how are you supposed to make it to black belt? No, seriously, what matters is that you're interested, and you are since you're reading this. So why not join 👊 (and you can practise the Kata already with the videos).

Q — Is there a minimum age or grade?
A — Not really. But it's called "Wado Masters" for a reason. If you're training in kids class in your Dojo this seminar is not for you. If you're like 12 years old, it's best to come with a friend so adults can practise among themselves.

Q — I never practise Rohai or Bassai before, can I still join?
A — The best stories shared over a beer are from senior instructors who remember learning Kushanku from Suzuki for the first time. 

Q — I do Wado, but what if our form is different?
A — You don't want to get confused, we get that. It's why we emphasise the why and how. And especially the fundamentals, so you can take home what you discover and add it to your techniques. Instead of convincing you our kata is "the right way", we want you to understand so you get deep insights into what's a better way.

Q — Is the same thing taught Friday and Saturday?
A — No: Friday is Rohai. Bassai is on Saturday. Naturally we connect matching pairwork and methods to what's covered on the day.

Q — How do I get the bonuses?
A — You automatically get access after your get your ticket. The system unlocks your access in The Vault inside The Digi Dojo at the-digi-dojo . com. You can access the videos there.

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